What You Need to Know

ARH will treat patients, protect visitors and staff as the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues. As the number of people diagnosed with COVID-19 grows domestically, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Maria Braman leads our efforts ensuring that patients who have been exposed to the virus can receive treatment safely and effectively.

A Message From ARH’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Maria Braman

What is ARH doing to keep the community safe?

● We have reduced the number of entrances to our facilities with screeners at each available entrance.

● Beckley ARH currently no visitation, except for special circumstances (end of life, pediatric patient).

● We are regularly updating our Visitation Information to meet the needs of our patients and their families amidst the pandemic. Get up to date visitation information here. (link here to Visitation page).

● Employee screenings are completed upon arrival and at the department level

● Employees traveling to high risk areas are required to conduct a 14 day self-quarantine before returning to work.

● Environmental services thoroughly cleaning all high touch surfaces multiple times a day and general surfaces regularly.

● Telemedicine options are now available to give our communities more options for how they want to access their healthcare. Through Virtual Care and Curbside Care, we promote flexibility, a safe place and healthy space for our providers and patients.

● COVID Testing is available at many different ARH clinics with NO out of pocket expense to patients or employees.

ARH COVID19 Testing Locations

ARH is committed to providing Coronavirus testing at select clinic and hospital locations.

Use the map below to find a testing location near you. You should be tested if:

● have signs or symptoms of COVID-19;

● have no symptoms but recently had contact with someone known or suspected to have COVID-19;

● have no symptoms and no known contact with someone known or suspected to have COVID-19 but still may be tested for early identification in special settings;

● have had confirmed COVID-19 but no longer have symptoms; and

● may be tested by public health officials to track spread of the virus that causes COVID-19.


For more information about ARH’s COVID-19 Efforts

*This form is for informational questions only. If you are ill and suspect you have, or have been exposed to COVID-19, please contact the ARH COVID-19 Hotline.