Important Information for All Visitors

In abundance of caution to protect our patients, employees, and communities from the potential spread of COVID-19, ARH has implemented new restrictions and limited entry access to our facilities.  In general, there is no visitation permitted with the following exceptions:

ARH Visitor Restrictions

  • All visitors should arrive wearing a mask and the mask must be worn at all times while in an ARH facility.
  • All visitors will be screened when entering an ARH facility. Those with fever, cough, shortness of breath, runny nose, body aches or respiratory symptoms will not be allowed entry.
  • All visitors should wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or apply hand sanitizer when entering and leaving patient rooms.
  • Any visitor must stay in the patient’s room the entire time of the visit. Once the visitor leaves the patient’s room, they must leave the facility immediately and the visitor will not be permitted to return for that day.

Everyone entering an ARH facility is required to wear a mask (cloth and other homemade masks are encouraged) and will be screened for fever and illness before entering the building.

Visitors 18-years-old or older will be permitted to visit patients at ARH hospitals under the following restrictions:

  • Patients at end of life may have two visitors.
  • Pediatric patients (Age 17 and younger) may have one visitor.
  • Maternity patients may have one designated support person for labor, delivery and duration of the mother’s hospital stay. The one designated support person is deemed the support person throughout the mother’s stay.

Emergency Departments (visitor allowed 24 hours in ED)

  • Adult Emergency Department patients may have one person accompany them.
  • Pediatric Emergency Department patients may have one parent/guardian accompany them.
  • No visitors permitted in the Emergency Department when the patient has known respiratory conditions.

Inpatient and Outpatient Surgeries & Procedures

  • All patients and visitors should arrive wearing a mask and will complete a screening when entering the facility.
  • Adult patients may have one person accompany them and Pediatric patients may have one parent or guardian accompany them into the facility and for discharge instructions.
  • During the procedure, all visitors will be requested to wait in their vehicle and will be notified when it is time to return to the facility to coordinate discharge instructions as needed.

Behavioral Health Facilities / Skilled Nursing Facility

  • No visitors allowed until further notice.

ARH Chaplaincy Service

ARH welcomes chaplains for patients in palliative care, (end-of-life care), emergency care and hospice care.

Visitation Guidelines for ARH Doctors’ Offices / Clinics, include:

  • Patients should contact their provider’s office prior to their appointments to be fully informed of the required conditions.
  • Adult patients who do not require assistance may not be accompanied in the doctor’s office/clinic.
  • Pediatric patients may have one parent or guardian to accompany them in the doctors’ office/ clinic.
  • Patients should wait in their vehicles or outside the office and call the office before entering the doctor’s office/clinic.
  • All patients, including parents/guardians of a pediatric patient and/or a guest of those patients who need assistance, should arrive wearing a mask and will be required to complete a screening prior to their appointments.


For more information about ARH’s COVID-19 Efforts

*This form is for informational questions only. If you are ill and suspect you have, or have been exposed to COVID-19, please contact the ARH COVID-19 Hotline.