ARH Retail Pharmacies offer automatic refills, mail-order delivery & curbside pickup.

Our retail pharmacies work directly with your physician to confirm that we dispense the right medication to you and your family.

Curbside Pickup

ARH pharmacies’ Curbside pickup option helps keep our patients safe amidst the pandemic. To retrieve medication with curbside pickup, call your local pharmacy when you are approximately five minutes away or arrive. Drive up to the location’s curb and a staff member will deliver your medication to your window and collect payment.

Mail Order Prescriptions

ARH Pharmacy now offers a HomeScript Program which provides mail order prescriptions to be delivered conveniently to your home. The ARH HomeScript Program can transfer your prescription from your current pharmacy; receive your prescription by mail; or a physician can call in your prescription.

In order to begin your mail order prescriptions, please reach us by phone at our convenient toll free number, 1-888-654-0015.

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